Thursday, November 29, 2012

Back to my echo chamber: Free stuff reviews

Abandoned this, but my recent interest in getting free samples of things is a recent interest of mine, due to both poverty and my love of receiving things in the mail (I adore it, it's like getting gifts every other day, and it's always nice to get things in mail, a favorite thing of mine though sorely lacking in brown paper packages tied up with string).

 Requesting free samples is also a good way for me to gauge which companies I like supporting. I should note I tend to leave reviews/comments in my shameless begging for stuff/coupons (and visits to free sites) so it's not all a loss for them, I guess.

The best result was from the Bimbo company (Bimbo/Sara Lee/others). After leaving a nice comment and shamelessly begging I got two coupons for free bread and two for a dollar off--awesome! The coupons themselves were lovely too. I really appreciated that (again, deep poverty here) and the company was very lovely to do it. As such I will buy bread from them and will probably do so in the future, I like supporting nice companies.

 Eucerin sent a sample of their "Smoothing Repair" lotion that was very nice.

 I got a bunch of little perfume samples (soaked pieces of cotton, sort of) from various companies (Hugo Boss, Lacoste, etc) that were lovely. I got a nicer one from Lancome--La Vie est Belle-- that was actually a little spray bottle and the perfume itself was lovely, though I'm not usually attracted to that kind of musky/floral type scent or Julia Roberts and her toothy grin. Huge Boss had one called "Orange" that was quite nice, I tend to be drawn to citrus scents myself.

I got quite a nice sample pack of Proctor and Gamble, and while I don't often like supporting them the stuff was pretty good (some floss, toothpaste) and a very awesome sample of feminine hygiene products, including some tampons, pads, and a cute little bag for them.

Airborne sent a very nice sample pack with four flavors/varieties, though I've never used this stuff (and I'm not altogether sure I believe in it), but I like the gesture and extra vitamins is always a good thing.

 Aveeno sent some nice samples of shampoo but I haven't tried them yet.

 Got a free sample from Tricalm, though I haven't used it yet (it was for irritated skin, haven't had an issue yet).

Aside from the bread though my favorite samples were from Nescafe, their new "Memento" packets, which were very good. They sent both a mocha and a caramel, I preferred the former, probably because I don't care too much for caramel (and the corporate link).

 And a random picture, because I don't care to photograph any samples received, most are used up at this point anyway :/
From National Geographic

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