Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Review:Comparing Maybelline, Dr. Jart, and Boscia BB creams

(Note: No picture just yet, camera is a bit out of commission)

Now that BB creams seem to be all over the place I've had the chance to try a few.

Admittedly, I was a bit skeptical and I must say that I've never tried any Asian brands (most only come in a few colors, typically a bit too light/grey for me, and since I have no desire to lighten my skin I never bothered).

I got to try three different types: Boscia, Dr. Jart and Maybelline.  I've had the first two for a while and I used them on vacation.

Dr. Jart BB ($39 at Sephora) cream has SPF 45, which is great, and a light sunscreen smell, so not too bad (I can be a bit sensitive to that).   I found it to be pretty thick though, at times a bit hard to spread, and for some reason (for me) it played up some imperfections more (any irritated/peeling skin, pores, etc).  But when my skin is "okay" it works okay, and the coverage seems to be fuller, probably because it's thicker.  It's the most "grey" out of all of them, so that dulls my warm skin tone which I don't really care for.  It feels a bit heavy and greasy (though that settles down after a while), perhaps because of the SPF

Boscia ($38 at Sephora) is SPF 27 and as such has even less of a sunscreen smell (though still lightly present).  There is less coverage and it was easier to spread.  It was far too light one me so it had a similar effect in highlighting certain imperfections (small hairs, pores, uneven texture...I sound like a goblin).  However it was a warmer color (more yellowish, but not excessively so) and therefore looked a lot better. 

Both Boscia and Dr. Jart only come in one color.  While the effects of that can be toned down (and admittedly, I wear powder foundation over it) the color does not suit my warm, tan skin tone.   They both washed me out and were too light or grey for me.  That, combined with the prices, makes them kind of a no-go for me, but for someone lighter and more cool toned it would work.

They were very similar to me, and I found neither particularly moisturizing (though is BB cream supposed to be?  I always wore it on top of my typical moisturizer).  I can feel both of them on, admittedly.  

Anyway, oddly enough (maybe?) the best out of the three was the Maybelline (around $8, average).  It was the thinnest of the three, but it spread itself out well.  Out of the three it covered up imperfection the best and did do an actual good job of blurring out pores and so on...probably because, unlike the others, it comes in a range of colors.  I tried out the "light/medium" shade and it worked out surprisingly well for me; typically I'd have gone up a shade darker, but I wear a very thin layer and it's winter now, maybe that makes a difference.

I found this to be be really nice, it feels moisturizing, doesn't have any scent (no SPF though) and it is very smoothing.  I still use a concealer to cover up imperfection and a powder over to matte it out, but I'd actually buy this again if I were in the market for a very light, moisturizing foundation type of thing. 

I may be wrong but I generally get the feeling that BB creams are just hyped up tinted foundations. 

(Note: I got the Boscia/Dr. Jart creams from some Sephora sampler deal, and the Maybelline one from an online free sample opportunity; as of this typing, it is available from Target's site as a free sample).  

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