Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ramble--On Walmart and Possible Hipsters

This is one of those things that, in the scheme of things, is rather complicated.

I was given the opportunity for a giftcard recently (as, obviously, a gift) and I implied at one I would have wanted one for Walmart rather than Target, to which the person offering seems to have scoffed, saying they would never shop at or support Walmart in anyway.  I find this attitude rather pervasive, especially here in Oregon, but there always seems to be a tinge of hypocrisy here that I don't quite understand.

Yes, I can see why people are uncomfortable with big corporations/companies that get their goods from China in mass produced quantities and encourage materialism, over spending, etc.  To the people who manage to avoid these trappings of modern American life, I salute you.  I know I sure as hell don't.   

But what boggles my mind is why Walmart is somehow worse off in this respect than countless other stores out there.  I do understand that Walmart has had some extra "charges" brought against them in regards to how they treat employees and some other practices but again, they don't seem to be alone in many of their actions.  The negative criticisms against Walmart could easily be levied against other companies (so while Walmart may treat its employees like shit, Target may give money to some rather unlikeable anti-gay political parties). 

This seems like more of a fad than anything.  I do know of some people who are against Walmart (or many legitimate reasons) that do make the effort to avoid all stores and businesses that follow business models like that.  I just find it ridiculous when people don't go through those efforts and yet act as if avoiding Walmart is somehow a progressive, rebellious act of some sort while they eagerly shop at Target.  Isn't it like avoiding McDonald's only to go to Burger King?

And yes, I realize I may be out of my element, I don't care.

Anyway, here is a picture of my rat sitting on a towel that I bought at either Target or Walmart, I'm not sure where. 

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