Sunday, August 28, 2011

Review: NYX "Nude on Nude" Palette

I got this palette from Amazon (for about $25) because I've kind of been wanting a nude/neutral palette that I could travel with without spending the money for the famed Urban Decay Naked Palette or or the Too Faced ones (I had wanted the Neutral Eye one, but it seemed a lot of money to spend at the time and I had a gift card for Amazon anyway).

I'm not sure how I feel about this palette, so I'll break it down a bit in my head:

  • This is really convenient for travel as it has a range of colors along with some lip glosses.  It is relatively small, compact, and seems to have a sturdy case.
  • As stated above, there is a range of colors, far more than  lot of natural/neutral palettes out there. 
  • Along with a range of colors there are different textures (matte, shimmer and some "sorta" glitters).  
  • The packaging is attractive and comes with a nice mirror. 
  • It isn't tested on animals
  • While $25 isn't a big price for how much you get (at least in terms of variation), I kind of go back and forth whether or not this is truly "worth" it.  
  • The quality varies (more on this).
  • The packaging, while sturdy, feels kind of cheap and I found it a bit difficult to open at first.  I also have to wonder/worry whether or not the lip tray will come out under the hustle and bustle of travel. 
  • When I first opened it one eyeshadow fell out (the bronze one), but after I stuck it in there hasn't been issue, so I don't know if this is a con or not.  

My biggest concern is with quality.  Some of the eyeshadows can be a bit chalky (although I will say, others are lovely).  For instance, the black is just bad, it's chalky and doesn't go on evenly.  Some of the colors have issues with blending, but this isn't too bad.  Overall, I'd say the quality is simply "ok" though the colors themselves are, in my opinion, quite lovely.

UPDATE: I notice that the darker colors are the ones with the big issues (they're chalky, don't blend well, don't have good pigmentation, and so on).  The lighter ones work quite well though, I'm quite happy with the white, beige and champagne colors in the palette.  I occasionally use the sparkly taupe colors (more to the right) and they work well.  
I have ended up using this every day, I just avoid the dark ones.  

The lip colors are typical, not-so-high-quality lip glosses that tend to come in large makeup palettes.  I will say though, some of the colors are rather unique.  They are all glossy, while two seems to have glitter in them (one heavily so).  I myself have a hard time with pink lip colors (the majority of the colors here) but there is an interesting coral color here that I haven't seen too often with a lot of palettes that I really liked.  Other than that, these aren't too special to be honest.

So, overall, I think this palette is awesome for travel, when you need something compact, that carries a lot, and has makeup that's generally good for when you need something quick and simple.   The makeup is good for everyday use and translates well from day to night, informal to formal, etc.  I do use this everyday, and it works well enough, although if you are looking for something really high quality it is best to look elsewhere, and I do think a good, high quality set of neutral/natural eye colors is worth investing in.

I probably wouldn't buy this again, though.  

*I was not paid for this.

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